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Natural Cereal-Based Healthy Foods.

While India is becoming modern in its eating practices, we would like to take Indians back to the Middle Ages. Our natural products range from various ancient Indian superfoods, from millets like ragi, korralu, jonnalu and ethnic rice. These selections of 100% natural products are a vital traditional alternative to improve the health of Indians.

All our food is made of natural ingredients that are rich in vitamins and nutrients, that promote mental and physical growth, enhance immunity and improve digestion, and all this based on our age-old traditional household recipes.

We try our very best to make your life a bit easier in whatever we do. You get the convenience of packaged food and the health and freshness of homemade food in the form of everyday munchies.
We provide you with an easy choice for you and your family.

We Provide You With Various Quality Organic Products!

Rich Source of Calcium

It will reap the benefits for your bones and your waistline.

High Dietary Fibre Content

It will help maintain bowel health by preventing indigestion and constipation.

100% Natural

Our organic products are free from chemical additives and preservatives.

How Vedu’s Healthy Foods Originated?

Vedu’s healthy foods is a registered market place in Hyderabad, India. It began exclusively with the goal of providing Indian quality goods for reasonable and competitively priced organic, natural and herbal goods.

The origin of the idea came out when a family realized that everyday munchies can be made healthy and nutritious by replacing them with age-old traditional ethnics millets. These munchies are made for the taste buds to accept cultural healthy foods.

The idea was also to guarantee the future generations will carry on the native traditional recipes. They, therefore, agreed to open a market for ethnic Indians products.

Healthy snack foods for all!
Here’s a list of some of the upsides of our products.

Our Vision!

Our vision is to establish a Community-based market to provide our customers with healthy, affordable and natural food. Most importantly without using synthetic fertilizer or dangerous pesticides.

We work together with the customers to bring Indian traditions to the view of the world and to explore and conserve the country’s indigenous, cultural and traditional ambiance. Our platform links Indian genesis with the world! We offer a wide range of products, from old Indian grains to new age superfood. Our assortment of healthy food complements your wellness lifestyle.